Don’t Panic to Patent Infringement 2

A Comprehensive Report On
Ways To Defend Your IP From Its Infringement?

Based on our experience in the industry, we have summarized the ways through which you can defend a Lawsuit.

It includes:

  • Non-infringement: As per the modern laws of patent infringement, claim defines the scope of the invention or the monopoly of the inventor’s right. A patent claim generally has two parts: preamble and a listing of limitations describing the invention. Also Learn: How Claim terms disputes are settled?
  • Invalidity: In the anticipation and obviousness defense, we identify disclosures which are made public either before the date of the invention or the patent filing date. Also Learn: Are prior-art searches independent of non-infringement defense? & Is Invalidity not all about Prior-Art Identification?
  • Counter-Assertion: We identifies the assets within its own portfolio which are reading on the plaintiff’s products. Also Learn: What to do if I have no patents to assert?
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